What Every Child Should Read

An article in Britain’s Telegraph recently posted a list of 100 books every child (from early years to teen years) should read. There are many familiar authors and titles in the lists, and loads of fantasy.

The article also draws an interesting relationship between reading and happiness, citing Finland’s children as the happiest and most literate.

In Finland they do things differently. Finnish children stay at home much longer. They play and tell stories years after ours are sitting down in school to a target-driven curriculum. Maybe that’s partly why Finnish children are happier, and maybe that’s why they rate higher in the literacy stakes. Maybe they haven’t put the cart before the horse as we do. They give their children the time and space to grow up with stories, to enjoy them, so that the association develops slowly, organically, is not imposed.

Out of curiosity, I added up how many of the suggested books I’ve read: 28. How many of the 300 books have you read?

What titles would you add to the list?


2 comments on “What Every Child Should Read

  1. For whatever reason, only the first page of the early childhood ones would come up (only about 30 books). So, on thr truncated list I have read 21. It was interesting, I’ve read some of them because I have a 5 year old, and others I remember reading from school myself.

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