‘Werewolf’ X-Files Rumour

xfiles.jpgPicked up from io9’s Morning Spoilers:

Meanwhile, the “werewolf” rumors about X-Files 2 gained more credence when someone remembered a conversation with Chris Carter about making a monster movie featuring Mulder and Scully as Van Helsing(s). Carter also remarked they’d never had a werewolf on the show. Also, a leaked cast list includes two hijackers, and the movie includes a pool scene with people in bathing suits. And a list of scenes includes Father Joe (Billy Connolly) in a snowbound landscape, digging up a human arm and running to his friend Monica (Xantha Radley). Someone tells Monica to take Father Joe to the wrong house, but then Monica gets abducted.


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  1. also remarked theyโ€™d never had a werewolf on the show.
    What the feckington? But I heard somewhere that Kelley Armstrong saw a werewolf episode of The X-Files, and thought: “That’s not how I’d write werewolves.” And so she went on to write Bitten.

    Mind you, my memory sucks, so I could be wrong here ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have a lovely day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tez,
    You’re right! I remember that quote, too. So I did some poking around.
    There was an X-Files episode about werewolves, but it looks like they used the term ‘lycanthropy’.
    The episode title was “Shapes” and aired in 1994.
    IMDB: Shapes
    An interview with Kelley Armstrong, in which she talks about the X-Files inspiration.

    So, now I wonder what Chris Carter has in mind.

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