Reviewer of UF RPG Aeternal Legends wants more Gaiman

aeternal_legends.jpgEven role-playing games have entered the urban fantasy realm, which was only bound to happen. RPGs have been skirting UF settings for ages.

Aeternal Legends was recently reviewed at RPGnet, and the reviewer had this to say:

The setting of Aeternal Legends is a lot of fun. I feel that this backdrop gives me the urban fantasy I want; one without the ‘IN YOUR FACE EXTREME’ mood of some games or ‘the world is a cesspool’ angst of others…

Secondly the races of the world, the Clades, are named after standard fantasy fare; Elf, Orc, Gnome, Goblin, Dwarf, Troll. Whenever I hear these terms I think of contemporary gamer fantasy with +5 magic swords and fireballs. That’s all fine and good but with this game I’d want to run something that felt more like it came out of a Neil Gaiman novel or was a continuation of the Mage ‘the Hero Defined’ comic.

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