New e-zine looking for UF submissions

The Abacot Journal
, a new e-zine that publishes quarterly, is looking for stories under 2000 words.

We are looking for great magic realism, urban fantasy, and fabulist fiction, along the lines of the short stories of Kelly Link and Neil Gaiman. If you’ve never read either of those authors, please check them out before you submit. Bizarre is good, funny is good, dark is good, whimsy is just plain fantastic. Sci-fi and horror tendencies are acceptable, but shouldn’t be the primary theme of the story. Please send us complete stories, with a traditional beginning, middle, and end. We don’t accept fanfic, unedited first drafts, or stories with gratuitous sex/violence.

The Abacot Journal is currently a non-paying market. See their submission guidelines for further details.