Jeaniene Frost interviews her agent, Rachel Vater

halfway.jpgAuthor Jeaniene Frost asked her UF-loving agent a few questions from her readers, and posted Ms Vater’s answers on her blog yesterday. Lots of good urban fantasy related questions, so head on over for a look.

Here’s a teaser:

3.      What is overdone in urban fantasy, and on the other hand, what would you like to see that isn’t already out there?


I think there are endless possibilities for urban fantasy. One ghost story will be completely different than another. There are only so many supernatural creatures to choose from: ghosts, demons, zombies, vampires, werewolves, faeries, or angels, but it’s about the uniqueness of the characters and originality of the story. It’s the tight plotting and great settings. It’s getting readers to relate to the feelings and goals of the protagonist. I love books where there’s a new twist on one of those supernatural creatures and I love when universal themes are woven into the story.