Comic goes to new publisher

perhapanuts.jpgThe Perhapanauts, a comic created by Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau, recently moved to a new publisher, Image. (link to Comic Book Resources article)

What are The Perhapanauts?

”Simply put, The Perhapanauts are a team of agents for a secret (government?) organization called BEDLAM that investigates and repairs rips in the fabric of reality and, most importantly, returns whatever strange beastie that came through to it’s own eerie dimension,” said DeZago in describing the premise of the series. “The team, however, is made up of those same weird creatures; there’s a Bigfoot, a ghost, a faerie, a chupacabra, etc. working together to keep humanity safe.”

“The book itself is part thrilling adventure, part suspense and horror, with a dash of Saturday morning cartoon thrown in when it’s least appropriate,” DeZago added.