Big Screen Buffy — Again?

buffy.jpgCould Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever return to the big screen? Sarah Michelle Gellar doesn’t think so. In an interview with SCIFI Wire, Gellar says the reception of a TV series after a flopped movie was cool at best, so she doesn’t understand why they would go back.

Okay, I get it. But has she been living under a rock? Urban fantasy is hot and getting hotter. Buffy the movie was years ahead of its time. A movie now would be huge, don’t you think? Gellar says “show [her] the audience”; leave a comment here and voice your love of Buffy! Answer our poll below!

“One of the reasons [the original Buffy movie] didn’t really work on the big screen–and people blamed Kristy, but that’s not what it was–is the story was better told over a long arc,” Gellar said. “And I worry about Buffy as a ‘beginning, middle and end’ so quickly. … You show me a script; you show me that it works, and you show me that [the] audience can accept that, [and] I’d probably be there. Those are what my hesitations are.”

Gellar said she’s still recognized internationally for the show, which aired on The WB and UPN from 1997 to 2003. “I was in Bali, and I kid you not, my cab driver called me Buffy,” she said. “And, actually, I know it’s on in South Africa.”

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One comment on “Big Screen Buffy — Again?

  1. Personally, I agree with Geller. The story was better told in long, episodic form. I didn’t enjoy the movie and have no desire to see Buffy’s story told in that way again. I’m quite happy with my seven seasons of TV goodness and eighth season comic.

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